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May 8, 2019
Nirvana Night: Vol. 2
301 Harris Ave, Providence, RI
with The Quahogs, Keith McCurdy, Cherry Pit, Harvey Garbage, Chrissy Stewart, Sara Azriel, Divey, Ava Callery, Dan Dodd, Fred Galpern (from Plug), Michelle Cruz, and Grace Goodrich

February 15, 2019
The Love Hangover
The Parlour
1119 North Main St, Providence, RI
Featuring The 'Mericans | Michelle Cruz & The Illuminated States | Helen & The Trash Pandas (Helen Sheldon with Jim & Jay of Ten Foot Polecats) | Gladhouse (Paul Everett and Ray Memery) | Jodie Treloar + John Faraone | Man & Wife | Dan Blakeslee + Lynny Bryan | Chrissy Stewart | Natále | Jane Hesser + Tracie Potochnik | Bill & Gabi of Silverteeth | lovematter | Dylan Harley of The Horse-Eyed Men | Matt Gillooly + Rebecca Blum | Jacob Haller | Anad & Andy's HeartSave Hotel | Brian & Jen | Annie Kennedy + Ric Allendorf | Maddy Wood  

May 13, 2018
Bob Dylan Tribute
301 Harris Ave, Providence, RI
with performances by Harvey Garbage + the Flowers, "Capricorn Records" (Amelia Rose + Emily Furtado),
"Gunnns Elston" (Chuck Perry + pals), iz dungan, Steve Delmonico, Vaguely Vogue, Matt Fraza, and
Eugene James

March 16, 2018
Wage House
560 Mineral Spring Avenue Pawtucket, RI
Musical guest on Almost Late Night with Jake Goldman

December 29, 2017
Something From A Dream: A Tribute to Tom Petty
Columbus Theatre
Featuring: Dylan Sevey & The Gentlemen, The Quahogs, Josh Buckley,
The 'Mericans, Excitable Boys, Sorry Wrong Person, Allysen & Ava Callery,
Russ Connors, Ervis McGilicuddy & Lynny Bryan, Jen Long, The Marshall Pass,
Mary Bee, Kate Mick, Randy Robbins, John Faraone, and Jodie Treloar Sampson

October 31, 2017
Jason Molina Tribute Set
The Parlour
1119 North Main St, Providence, RI

August 30, 2017
Elliott Smith Tribute Show
276 Westminster St, Providence, RI
With sets by James & Hannah, Justin Kahn, Matt Fraza Band, Patty McGee & Chrissy Wolpert, Jared Mann & Derek Knox, Ghost Grl,
Kris Hansen, Steve Delmonico, and Tapestries

May 30, 2017
Gram Parsons Tribute
276 Westminster St, Providence, RI
With sets by Corey Lampron, Patty McGee, James Maple & MorganEve Swain, Ian Fitzgerald, The Little Compton Band,
Florence Wallis & Bryan Minto, Steve Delmonico, Smith & Weeden, and C.C. Ryder & Thee Waysted Outlaws

April 26, 2017
A is for Autism - A Benefit for Autism
Pizza J
967 Westminster St, Providence, RI
With Ava Callery, Leiko, Kris Hansen, Eric and the Nothing, and Seatbelt

April 10, 2017
Iguana Music Fund Recipient Night
Club Passim
47 Palmer St, Cambridge, MA

July 14, 2015
Steve Delmonico’s Shindig
276 Westminster St, Providence, RI
With Jesse Smith, Andy Davis, Steve Donovan, Leiko, Ryan Gould, Dan Dodd, Mark Milloff, Dylan Sevey, and Russ Connors

May 11, 2015
Nirvana Night
The Grange
166 Broadway, Providence, RI
With Roz Raskin, Sara Azriel, Steve Delmonico, Becca Neveu, Anthony Savino, Nic Coolidge, Vudu Sister, and Pixels

May 11, 2014
The Parlour
1119 North Main St, Providence, RI
Optimus Prine: A Tribute to the Music of John Prine
With Rich Ferri, Mike Walker, Steve Delmonico, Nicholas Smyth, Billy Moretti, and Donald Yglesias